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Pinpoint Problems With A Car Diagnostic Procedure. No Guesswork!

Car Diagnostic Test Save Time and Money

Modern day automobiles come standard with sophisticated on-board computers and immense electronics. This is where class-leading diagnostic tools are utilised to identify and accurately pinpoint the problem on your vehicle and the source of the issue. When you vehicle’s engine light comes on, always consider having a decent diagnostic test run on your vehicle for three simple reasons:

Accurate Troubleshooting

Know that our technician can identify the source of the problem and implement the right solution, the first time.

Save Time

If guess work is involved that could end up wasting a lot of time trying to fix the right problem.

Save Money

Avoid a process of elimination to find the right problem. This can only end up costing you more than it needs to.

Car Diagnostic Test Prices
From R740,00*

If our technicians perform a standard diagnostic test the baseline car diagnostic price is usually R740,00, but please note if a full vehicle check is including as part of the testing process the cost will depend on the vehicle being tested. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff to ask how much does a car diagnostic test cost for your specific vehicle.


What Is Done During A Vehicle Diagnostic Test

You get into your vehicle and notice the engine light burning. This is when you bring your car in for a vehicle diagnostic test to ascertain the source of the problem and to enable our technicians to take the correct course of action to solve the problem.

What does a diagnostic test check?

  • Fuel or air intake problems
  • Injector circuit issues
  • Engine misfiring problems or ignition issues
  • Emissions control
  • Problems with speed or idling
  • A computer or output circuit problem
  • Problems with the transmission

What is the process of an auto diagnostic test?

Often referred to as a ‘engine diagnostic test’, the process of performing a diagnostic test on your vehicle is not time-consuming at all. Let’s run through the process:

Step 1: One of our technicians discuss and document exactly what you are experiencing with your vehicle.

Step 2: A standard set of basic vehicle checks will be performed.

Step 3: Any recent service or manufacturer updates will be checked to ascertain if the described symptoms could be because of a faulty batch of parts that can result in recalls and service updates.

Step 4: Next up will be the conducting of a logical, systematic car engine test diagnostic procedure.

Step 5: At anytime during the procedure the technician might contact the relevant technical support line to share data and the support staff will work together with the technician to identify the problem.

Step 6: Once the diagnostic procedure has been completed, the technician will relay the findings to you, as the vehicle owner.

Step 7: Our office will prepare a detailed quotation for the required repairs before proceeding. It might happen that a faulty part needs to be replaced first before the technician can continue with the remainder of the testing.

Step 8: Once all repairs have been carried out, another diagnostic test is carried out on the vehicle and the data is saved for future reference.

Step 9: All documentation related to the repairs is finalised by the technician.

Step 10: Before the vehicle is returned to you, the technician will carry out a test drive to ensure all is running smoothly.

We don’t just recommend an electronic diagnostic test when you suspect issues with your current vehicle. When you are shopping for a used vehicle, talk to us about a used car diagnostic test, to ensure that the vehicle you intend to purchase is without any hidden issues. Make a booking today.

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