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Major Car Service

What Does A Major Service Include?

When you bring your vehicle to us for a major car service you can be assured that we won’t miss a thing! Everything from oil changes to car door latches receives our expert attention. We often have to answer the question “what does a major service include?”. For your convenience we have drawn up the major car service checklist below:

What We Do

  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Fill Oil To Level
  • Replace Spark Plugs (Where Applicable)
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Refill Hydraulic Levels If Necessary
  • Check Diff Oil Levels And Fill If Necessary
  • Inspect Exhaust System & Report
  • Repack & Adjust Wheel Bearings If Necessary
  • Coolant Level Serviced
  • Grease All Latches Slightly
  • All Locks & Latches Serviced
  • Inspect And Grease Universal Joints
  • All Grease Nipples Serviced
  • Torque Wheel Nuts
  • Inflate All Tyres To Specification
  • Refill Front & Rear Window Water Bottles
  • Replace Points & Condenser If Necessary
  • Wash Vehicle

What We Check

  • Check Hooter
  • Check Windshield Washers Front – Operational
  • Check Windshield Washers Rear – Operational
  • Accelerator Pedal Checked For Full Throttle
  • Report On Condition Of Discs & Brake Drums
  • Report On Condition Of Pads & Brake Shoes
  • Inspect All Brake Components For Leaks
  • Check Door Operation
  • Check Boot Operation
  • Check Bonnet Operation
  • Check Battery Water
  • Check Battery Terminals Condition
  • Check Battery Terminals Tightness
  • Inspect Coolant System For Leaks & Levels
  • Inspect All Suspension Components
  • Check Gearbox Oil Levels And Fill If Necessary
  • Inspect Exhaust System & Report
  • Inspect Condition Of All Tyres And Report
  • Check New Oil Level And Water Levels
  • Road Test Vehicle
  • With Reporting
  • Check Wiper Blade Condition
  • Check Windshield Washers Front
  • Check Windshield Washers Rear
  • Check All Interior & Console Lights
  • Inspect Handbrake Operation
  • Check Handbrake Adjustment
  • Brake Fluid Condition Checked
  • Check All Lights
  • Check Antifreeze
  • Check Fan Belt Tension
  • Check Fan Belt Condition
  • Check Spark Plug Wires
  • Check Steering Wheel If Straight
  • Check Wheel Balance
  • Check Aircon Operation & Report
  • Check Spare Wheel & Tools
  • Check CV Joints’ Dust Covers
  • Inspect Tie Rod Ends
  • Inspect Steering Component
  • Steering Rack Boots Checked
  • Inspect All Shocks & Report

Major Car Service

Why the Major Service On Your Vehicle Is So Important

Often people look at the major service cost, which granted is a bit more pricey than the other services, and contemplate postponing it. We understand, but let’s explain why adhering to your car’s major service intervals is crucial. It is an investment in the health of your vehicle:- Investing in a major car service will avoid major car repairs. It’s that simple. To find out how much does a major service cost, speak to one of our friendly staff members before you book a service with us. Note, we have regular major car service deals. Visit our promotions page to view our current deals.

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