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Choose A Pre-Trip Car Inspection Or Our Comprehensive Multi-point Check

Our Vehicle Inspection Checklist Made Simple

Whether you are planning a road trip, simply want the peace of mind of having your vehicle checked regularly or are in the process of selling your car, at Group1 Auto Clinic we offer you two options: A quick pre-trip car check or our comprehensive 101 multi-point vehicle check.

Pre-Trip Inspection Check List
  • Check engine oil while the vehicle is cold and on a level service
  • Check vehicle’s coolant reservoir as well as windscreen washer fluid level
  • Check all lights – headlights, reverse and brake lights
  • Check that handbrake or parking brake is 100% functional

*We recommend that you ensure that there is sufficient tread on your tyres. 1mm is the legal minimum. Also check your wiper blades for signs of wear.

Cost: Free
101 Multi-point Vehicle Check List
Under Bonnet
1. Accelerator operation 51. Operation of jack & tools
2. Condition of the air filter 52. Condition of exterior lights & operation
3. Auto gearbox oil level 53. Condition of door/s & boot lock – operation
4. Level of battery water 54. Condition of door handles & operation
5. Battery load test 55. Condition of door hinges & operation
6. Condition of battery terminals and clamps 56. Condition of all door rubbers & strip
7. Brake & clutch fluid levels 57. Bonnet – Check for scratches & dents
8. Condition of brake & clutch master cylinder 58. Boot – Check for scratches & dents
9. Condition of coolant & level 59. LF Door – Check for scratches & dents
10. Radiator pressure test 60. RF Door – Check for scratches & dents
11. Condition of water hose/s & leaks 61. LR Door – Check for scratches & dents
12. Engine – Performance (Test Drive) 62. RR Door – Check for scratches & dents
13. Engine abnormal smoking, vibration or noise 63. LF Fender – Check for scratches & dents
14. Condition of engine oil & level 64. RF Fender – Check for scratches & dents
15. Engine oil leaks 65. LR Fender – Check for scratches & dents
16. Excessive crankcase blow by 66. RR Fender – Check for scratches & dents
17. Condition of fan belt/s & tension 67. Bumper front – Check for scratches & dents
18. Condition of fuel lines & filter 68. Rear bumper – Check for scratches & dents
19. Check idling stability 69. Roof – Check for scratches & dents
20. Power steering leaks & level Internal Condition
21. Condition of radiator cap & pressure test cap 70. Air conditioner operation
22. Check for radiator leaks 71. Operation of air vent/s & fan
23. Condition of spark plugs & gap 72. Check the operation of the heater & controls
24. Level of windscreen washer bottle 73. Operation of gauges. Rev counter/ speedometer
25. Condition of vacuum hoses & connections 74. Operation of the hazard warning lights
Under Body 75. Operation of radio & CD shuttle
26. Condition of ball joints & play 76. Radio speaker operation balance/ fader
27. Condition of brake disk & drums 77. Check cigarette lighter operation
28. Condition of brake pads & linings 78. Check the operation of the hooter
29. Condition of chassis & cross member 79. Operation of rear window demister
30. Condition of CV joints & boot/s 80. Operation of the clock
31. Check for exhaust leaks 81. Operation of internal lights
32. Condition of exhaust system & mountings 82. Check foot/ hand brake operation
33. Gearbox – Excessive noise & kickdown operation 83. Condition of ashtray/s
34. Gearbox & diff oil leaks 84. Condition of the floor mats
35. Gearbox & engine mountings 85. Operation of the alarm/ immobilizer
36. Condition of shock absorber – leaks & operation 86. Operation of the glove box & catch
37. Steering play 87. Condition of carpets
38. Condition of LF road wheel 88. Check clutch & gear change operation
39. Condition of RF road wheel 89. Operation of interior mirror adjustment switch/ rearview mirror
40. Condition of LR road wheel 90. Operation of keys/ transponder & spare keys
41. Condition of RR road wheel 91. Condition of pedal pads
42. Inspect wheel alignment, if necessary rotate & balance 92. Operation of remotes/ central locking
43. Check for wheel bearing noise 93. Condition of roof lining
44. Torque wheel nuts 94. Operation of front & rear seatbelts
External Condition 95. Boot – Condition of interior panel & mats
45. Condition of windscreen chips/ cracks 96. Condition of spare wheel
46. Are all stickers removed 97. Condition and operation of the sun visor/s & clips
47. Condition of aerial 98. Condition of upholstery
48. Condition of front & rear wiper blade & operation 99. Condition of airbag covers
49. Condition of exterior mirrors & operation 100. Service book & full service history
50. Wheels – condition of mags / rims and hubcaps 101. Vehicle operation manual
Cost: R862.50

When Is A Good Time For A Car Inspection Test?

It is always a good time to regularly do a basic check on your vehicle to ensure that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy and to pick up on any minor wear and tear issues that requires attention. In our experience, when people are searching the internet for “car inspection near me” they might be in the process of preparing their vehicle for reselling. Being able to provide a potential buyer with proof of our 101 Multi-point Check will help you sell your vehicle quickly and get a good price.


Need A Vehicle Inspection Certificate Or An Official Car Test Centre?

When you are looking for a vehicle test centre to obtain a roadworthy certificate, you will need to visit an official government approved centre in your area. Have a look at this handy roadworthy checklist courtesy of the Automobile Association. If however, you simply require a quick pre-trip car inspection of a more comprehensive multi-point check, book your inspection now.


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